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10 Truly Suprising Stats on the Top Social Networks


What kind of person mocks hard-working fast food workers who strike and put it all on the line to fight for a living wage?

Well, lets take a look!

(note: read each set of tweets from bottom, up)


unemployed college graduates who lack self awareness:





The tweets speak for themselves.


Some of my favourite Lupita Nyong’o magazine covers.

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This made my morning.

BuzzFeed makes the majority of its money on ads that pretend to be content, but can it keep up this charade? 

A recent PwC report has found that although the number of women CEOs at large companies is growing, more women leaders are forced out of the office than men (38% of female CEOs versus 27% of male CEOs in the last 10 years).

Now accepting applications for #NYFF Critics Academy: Please spread the word to aspiring film writers!


Our call for submissions for the 2014 Sisterhood Summit is open! This year’s theme — Treat Yo’ Self: Healthy, Whole and Free Black Girls is ready for you!

So many great questions on preserving our bodies and identities+as young woman of color. I look forward to thinking through them thoroughly and hope you will as well. Let’s connect in Brooklyn!